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Our Favorite Smart Bathroom Features

Many smart home features such as thermostats and lighting controlled by your phone or voice have become commonplace thanks to innovations that pair seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's HomePod. With the technology becoming increasingly available and affordable, smart home functionality has quickly spread to all parts of the house and one of our favorite new trends is in the bathroom. 

Major brands like Moen and Kohler have made a significant splash in the smart bathroom market, in addition to many smaller brands, offering a wide variety of options without having to break the bank. With a range of systems available, most smart features can be controlled by voice, controller, or phone for the ultimate in convenience. 

Not only is a smart bathroom super cool, but our favorite features pack a whole lot of punch for added luxury and convenience.


Smart Shower

smart shower design

"Alexa, turn on the shower to 102 degrees." What a great way to start each day! Get the perfect shower temperature every time without even getting out of bed! With a smart shower you can start and stop the water, adjust the temperature, select which shower heads you want on, save presets, and more. 

Integrated LED lighting indicates the temperature status to eliminate the unpleasant guess work of seeing if your shower is hot yet. 


Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are a game changer for those that have them. But what exactly does a smart toilet do? Well, just about everything. Many smart toilets offer:

  • Extreme efficiency with multiple flush options (that use considerably less water)
  • Bidet cleaning and drying to eliminate toilet paper usage (with personalized custom settings for each user)
  • Heated seat
  • Innovative self cleaning and deodorizing systems
  • Multicolored ambient lighting (perfect for those middle-of-the-night trips in the dark)
  • Built-in speakers and wifi


Smart Mirror

A wide variety of smart mirrors are available on the market but most operate as a two-way mirror outfitted with a digital display. LED lights behind the mirror illuminate the digital display while still allowing you to use the other areas of the mirror. When you’re not using the mirror’s digital elements, the entire mirror can be used in a traditional fashion. The functionality is typically engaged with a touch of the mirror to activate and adjust settings. 

Our favorite features in a smart mirror include:
  • Dimmable LED lights with personalized settings
  • A defogger (perfect for small bathrooms)
  • On-mirror digital information to display the date, time, weather, news, and more (thanks to the mirror’s WiFi capabilities)
  • Bluetooth surround sound speakers


Whether it is a renovation, addition, or custom build, Hazley Builders would love to help you design and build the perfect bathroom for you. Our architect and designers can implement the above smart items plus many more luxurious features to create your own spa-like bathroom retreat. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom project.