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Top Kitchen Trends for 2022 (Part 1)

showcase kitchenWhether you are embarking on a kitchen renovation or building a custom home, here are a few of the top kitchen trends of 2022 to consider when designing and building your new space.


We broke down our list of favorite trends into the following categories: Convenience & Storage and Design & Layout.

Part 2 of top kitchen trends will focus on Appliances.


Design and Layout


Second Island

The second island has become a popular trend for high-end projects with ample space. Each island typically provides the homeowner with two distinct functions: 1) food prep/serving and 2) seating/dining. Each island can be harmonious in appearance or provide an opportunity to use mixed materials, such as different countertops or cabinetry colors and styles. 


Mixed Countertops

two islandsWhether you have one or two islands, a new trend that we love is using mixed materials for your countertops. This contrast provides visual interest and can be used to provide distinctive surfaces between the island and perimeter cabinets or even mixed surfaces in a single island (above). Wood, concrete, marble, quartz, and quartzite can all be used effectively together. If you are having trouble picking between two distinct materials, why not use both?


Statement Range Hoods

statement range hoods

Although all hoods have the same important purpose of hiding the exhaust fan that is used to remove smoke and other toxins in the air that come from cooking, we are now seeing a much wider variety in material, shape, and colors for range hoods. This new trend provides another useful tool for creating visual impact in your kitchen design. Stainless steel, reclaimed wood (above), cooper, bronze, and even mixed materials are now regularly used for custom hoods, which typically feature a hood insert that is hidden and built into a customized cabinet above the cooktop or stovetop. Range hoods can be stand alone or built under cabinetry. 


Statement Finishes

statement finishes

Statement finishes can provide that finishing punch to your space. Golds (above), black, or copper have all become very popular choices to finish off your kitchen design.  Find your statement style with items such as hardware (knobs, pulls and bars), light fixtures, tile, and decor. Most faucets, and even sinks, are available in a wide range of colors too, which gives you complete control over how far you want to take your statement finish!


Coffee Bar

coffee bar open

Did you know that 64% of American adults drink coffee every day? Why not make your coffee obsession a cornerstone of your kitchen design with an in-home coffee bar? These dedicated spaces provide a convenient kitchen location for preparing your morning brew and storing your coffee and espresso makers, mugs and accessories. Pocket doors provide an easy out-of-sight option when not in use.  

In many cases, a combination bar drink station featuring coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks might make the most sense for your family's drinking needs.

coffee bar fridge



Convenience and Storage


Touchless Faucet (and other items)

Many touchless items are now available for the kitchen, which provide practical solutions for everyday use. Most notably are touchless faucets, which are great for not dirtying up the faucet with filthy or raw meat covered hands! A simple wave of the hand under the sensor activates the faucet. Another wave will deactivate it. Pedal-controlled options also exist and similar touchless items are available for trash cans, cabinets and drawers, soap dispensers, and even dishwasher and oven doors - depending on how far you want to go with your hands-free kitchen design!


Appliance Garage

appliance garage

Most people have a wide variety of small appliances - toasters, food processors, coffee makers, juicers, deep fryers, blenders, etc. Many are infrequently used and are best kept in hard to reach cabinets or the deepest reaches of the pantry ,but there are some we use much more often that are best kept in easy reach. The challenge is that these items are often unsightly and public enemy #1 in keeping a clean and uncluttered kitchen. The solution? An appliance garage.  Easily accessible but hidden out of sight, the best ones feature outlets and rollout shelves for never having to lift bulky and heavy appliances.


Multi-tier Oversize Sink

Oversized sinks provide tremendous functionality for the kitchen and make cleaning large pots and pans a breeze. As an added bonus, you'll love how you can hide a dinner party's worth of dishes in the deep sink - out of sight - until you're ready to tackle your nightly chores. These ingenious sinks feature multi-level basin ledges that allow for a wide array of accessories to be placed within the sink to provide the ultimate food prep and clean up workstation. Accessories include cutting boards, grated racks, colanders, washbins, and more.


Specialty Storage

A one-size-fits-all solution is rarely ideal and kitchen storage is no exception. For years, storing pots, pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards, specialty utensils, and spices was often like putting a round peg in a square hole. Trying to fit items of vastly different sizes and shapes into generic cookie-cutter cabinets was inefficient and a waste of valuable space.  Now there is a storage solution for everything that allows you to utilize every nook and cranny in the most efficient and functional way possible.  


Task Lighting

Simple, low voltage lighting is a great feature to add to your cabinets, bars, or open shelving. It adds functionality to make it easier to see (such as in a coffee bar setup) and provides soft accent lighting at night.  


See Part 2 of Top Kitchen Trends for 2022!


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