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Top Kitchen Trends for 2022 (Part 2)

kitchen design by hazley buildersWhether you are embarking on a kitchen renovation or building a custom home, here are our favorite kitchen appliance trends of 2022 to consider when designing and building your new space.


In part 1, we discussed our favorite trends Convenience & Storage and Design & Layout. This post will focus on trending kitchen appliances.




Induction Cooktop

Most people are familiar with the two main heating methods used for cooktops: 1) gas and 2) electric, but many people aren’t aware there is a third option available known as induction.  So what is induction? Induction cooktops look quite similar to standard glass-top electric cooktops, but uses electromagnetic waves to heat cookware, making it highly efficient and allowing for precise control and a rapid rise or drop in temperature. This temperature control typically leads to faster heating, especially during more time-consuming tasks such as boiling water (often 50 percent faster compared to their gas and electric counterparts!).

Beyond faster boiling times and precise temperature control, induction cooktops are also easy to clean, much like electric cooktops.  However, since the heat isn’t absorbed through the burners, an induction cooktop remains cool enough to easily wipe up spills and messes right away and also provides a much safer option for homes with young children.


Steam Oven

Here's another one you may not be familiar but is gaining in popularity: a steam oven. It looks like a standard oven, but cooks food with steam, not hot air. Steam cooks food faster and keeps food moist, locking in nutrients and flavor while canceling out the need for extra fats and oils. Most steam ovens have a small tank you fill with water, which is heated in a boiler and then dispersed as steam to cook your food. Steam ovens can also be directly hooked to a water line, negating the need for refill tanks.


Built-in Wine Refrigerator

full wine cabinet

If you're an amateur sommelier or just enjoy an occasional glass of wine with dinner, a built in wine refrigerator is the ideal addition to store your wine at the perfect temperature. Depending on your collection, a small under-counter refrigerator could do the trick or a large full size companion to a dedicated bar might be more your speed. 


Zip Water System

zip water system

The innovative HydroTap by Zip Water provides the  ultimate in-home water system by instantly dispensing filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water all from a single tap. With a wide selection of tap styles, finishes, and dispensing options to choose from, you can find the perfect HydroTap for your home. The system can be installed over a sink or with the unique drip tray (see above).


Paneled Appliances (hidden!)

paneled appliance hidden

With all this talk of appliances, one of the biggest trends in high-end kitchens is not seeing those major appliances such as your refrigerator (above) and dishwasher.  Paneled appliances provide a clean finish that blends seamlessly with your cabinets. 


At Hazley Builders, we are design + build specialists with over 20 years of experience in building beautiful and functional dream kitchen spaces that address the specific needs of your family and lifestyle. 

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